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Jarawi® is a cloud social communication platform that allows to deliver the next generation of social sites (Communities) in a quick and simple way, where people can work together to create useful content.
These social sites, have the possibility to be part of an integrated network of communities grouped by business or industries, like sports, health, construction, education, media, etc.

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A centralized platform for content creation.

The centralized backend provided by Jarawi technology allows users, producers and brands to create content for the development of communities hosted by its platform.


Creating communities or simply adding topics of interest in Jarawi returns great benefits for those who create them as well as users and companies who want to interact with their digital users.
Some of the main unique features are:


Jarawi is designed to allow small producers, large producers and brands to generate content and create communities. And developers can create new applications to be used by communities’ owners.

Collaboration and Integration of Contents

Jarawi technology is designed to help your content grow and distribute fast. The attractive centralized backend motivates Contributors to create content, while the smart strategy of integration with Facebook empowers prompt and widespread circulation.

Your own Media

You own your content as well as your users (data) even when stored within Jarawi infrastructure. This, together with the complete set of social tools and the ability to generate income through the presence of brands in your space, becomes your own social medium!

The complete set of Jarawi open APIs lets you create your fully customized website without the need of backends and databases.
You just have to focus on the interface to your users.
Want to know more about the possibilities offered Jarawi? View all features here

Social CMS

Unlike other CMS, Jarawi’s Social CMS concentrates only on providing the tools your digital site requires.
Our system of Software as a Service (SaaS) provides flexibility to easily manage your content with low maintenance cost. For brand communities, this system results in an efficient return on investment (ROI).

Relationship based on interests

Given the platform’s organizational structure brands relate to users based on their interests.
The brands enter into communities by posting valuable content through topics interesting to users avoiding intrusive and out-of-context advertising.

Content Organizing

The social contents, heart of the communities hosted by Jarawi, are organized into sections and topics of interest.
One of the many advantages this organization provides is that users can subscribe to the topics that interest them and personalize their viewing of content.

Innovative Technology

Jarawi technology enables perfect performance for Phones, Tablets and SmartTV thanks to its Responsive Design with HTML5 and (it’s compatible with) works with the optimization strategy used by search engines (SEO Strategy - Search Engine Optimization).


Jarawi is aimed at making the creation of content something simple, fun and collaborative.
We invite you to take a look at some of our features that allow to generate great content and create successful communities.

Your CONTENTS in the world

Jarawi lets you share all your contents with the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) and helps you produce more attractive and effective stories for all the members.

Comments synchronized with Facebook

All comments that users perform in your community fanpage on Facebook on the same content you upload in your community, are seen in your community.

MOBILE Content

Responsive Design. The design uses jarawi ® allows your content to be viewed in the same way as on your pc, as on your tablet or phone. Accompanying the user wherever they are.


With Jarawi APIs you can upload, modify, unsuscribe and approve or reject any content linked to your community.
So, simple and easy, content management can be done at the time and place you want.

OPINION and Comments

Share your opinions and make comments to other users opinions. This application allows comments to appear in the "recent posts by others" space and, depending on the quality of the posting, could be included to the main flow.
Community members can participate using their social identity or as guests and their comments may be published on social networks.


Sharing of audiovisual content is one of the most important parts of the new social paradigm and allows community members to express themselves and better know each other. Photos and original videos are the best way to entertain users and generate empowerment.
Thanks to Jarawi’s Photos and Video application, community members can upload thousands of audiovisual content quickly and easily.

Social LOGIN

Users can sign into Jarawi Communities using their Facebook and Twitter accounts increasing enrollment ratios, facilitating the process, and eliminating the need to remember new usernames and passwords.

Your Community

Emotional Bond

The Internet continues to revolutionize the way people communicate and get informed. Every day more and more people seek relationships in digital media where they can find other people to share an emotional bond.


Digital Communities are virtual spaces where people can express themselves, share content and information on the issues that revolve around a common passion or interest that brings them together and connects them.


With Jarawi you can build your content-oriented themed Community.
Communities are a great tool for everyone. An essential ally when it comes to generating a vigorous and long-lasting connection with the user.


As the owner of your community you can invite Contributors to join your space and generate content around different Topics of interest.


Brands can directly connect to the users of a community in a variety of ways: a. creating a community or subject of interest; b. sponsoring topics of interest already created in Jarawi; or c. creating a new topic of interest in existing communities.

Open to the world

Jarawi communities are closely linked to social networks. You can register through your Facebook account and have all your content and comments synchronized with it.


Publish and Share


Categorized Content

A topic of interest integrates content related to topics that has the potential to appeal to a group of people.
Sports Hydration, Responsible Spending, Film Scripts, Mobile Apps and millions of others...



Topics of interest follow a subscription model. This means that users can subscribe to a topic of interest and be continuously updated on the information published therein.

Professional Content

Social networks do not have the right tools to create professional content collaboratively.
One of the main reasons we had to create jarawi ®, was to provide billions of Internet users, an attractive and simple professional space to create content to be shared in different social spaces.

Only one place

Jarawi’s centralized social backend makes it simple for a Contributor to enter the platform and from there create content for any existing topic of interest or simply create a new one.
And all in one place!

Sustainable over time

Wikipedia and The Huffington Post are just a couple of examples of success in building collaborative content.

Knowledge and Monetization

Jarawi, as a centralized platform for content creation, allows both users and producers to share their knowledge in its various Social Spaces.
At the same time it offers them the possibility to become known and to generate an additional income.

Better Relationships

For brands, jarawi ® is a powerful platform to enhance fans, allowing users with more link with brands collaborate with them, in the process of content creating in their communities.

We search your Contributors

If you don’t know people who can collaborate with your social space or you do not have the resources to devote to this activity, contact us. Our production department can offer you a Production Manager who will help you get the Contributors you need.


Your Social Mean of Communication

Access to technology, proliferation of quality content and the popularity of social networks, in addition to the thousands of millions of users who generate content, completely changed the scenario of the communication media.

Today the infrastructure needed to create a means of communication is at our fingertips.

Some of the keys elements to a successful means of communication lays in:
a. finding the necessary tools for content to be found easily and in an organized way;
b. identify applications that allow to socialize contents;
c. assuring that the creation of these contents is generated by contributors that facilitate sustained growth of the medium and,
d. specially in allowing an organic and non intrusive way of advertising that directly links to the specific interest of your audience.

Jarawi technology provides all the right tools for you to be able, simply and very quickly, to own your social mean of communication!

Jarawi for Brands

Your Community

Jarawi Communities are spaces where content is built in an organized, controlled, simple fashion under a collaborative model.

Interests of your users

Jarawi offers the necessary tools to organize content as Topics of Interest in a way that will encourage your users to watch and share it.

Your Design

Jarawi® is designed to make your community look attractive while helping your content to be displayed in an intuitive way.
The design offers variations in colors and fonts. More original designs will be available for you very soon.
Want to have an exclusive design for your brand? Get in contact with our design department at

Your Contributors

Contributors are of tremendous value when building content for your community.
Expert users, customers, suppliers, celebrities, associations and organizations linked to the concept, product or service offered by your brand, all can contribute content to your community.


Rapid Growth

The cooperation of Contributors helps your community to grow quickly and continuously with content relevant for users. It also helps improve your relationship with your contributors, which often form part of the group of interest (stakeholders) of your brand, by offering the ability to create content in an attractive social media with high visibility.


Your Social Media

Jarawi communities are a Social Media where other brands can participate sponsoring a topic of interest already created, or create a new one connected to the concept of your community.
This way, your brand (owner of the community), can integrate to your space other non-competitive brands willing to contribute attractive content for your users while generating income to your social media.


The engine of your digital strategy

The communities developed under the Jarawi platform are designed to function as an engine for your digital strategy.
Closely linked to Facebook and the major social networks, Jarawi has applications that let you assemble a smart strategy to attract users to your community.

Jarawi for Producers

Much of the content producers develop appeals to an audience that shares the same tastes and interests –a community of users who want to interact with this content, offering great benefits.

TV Programming Communities

Jarawi II - Intelligent Integration is the perfect product for TV producers. It will help expand and strengthen the interaction with a show’s audience and generate additional business.
Jarawi’s Intelligent Integration® adds entertainment and popularity to the TV Show while increasing its benefits.

Advertising model

Jarawi provides the tools that enables you to publish your content in areas of the Community, organizing it into the various topics that are of interest to your audience (Topics of Interest).This way brands can have a presence in your community in an organic and non-invasive way either sponsoring an existing subject of interest or creating new ones.

Interesting content

Your content is appealing not only to your audience, but it’s also attractive to brands that would be interested in participating in the conversation.


Efficient content generation

With Jarawi communities you have the possibility of adding Contributors who create quality content. This will help accelerate the process while reducing costs associated with the generation of content..


Great Content. Great Ads

Your content has high value and therefore should be monetized. Brands interested in interacting with your users can gain access by posting topics of interest to them which will help you Generate Revenue.


Instant results

Jarawi’s strategic metrics let you see and analyze from minute zero each action of the community performance and its impact in the digital world.

Jarawi for small producers

Jarawi gives you the right tools to create content about the topics you are interested in. And have your own social means of communication!

Your own media

If you are a user who produces content on the web, you probably have or have had a blog, uploaded videos to youtube or posted photos on flickr. Jarawi offers you the possibility to have your own social means of communication.

Advertising model

Jarawi provides the tools that enables you to host your content in community spaces, organizing them into the various topics that are of interest to your audience and allowing access to brands in an organic and non-invasive way either by sponsoring a topic of interest or by creating new ones and posting appealing and relevant content to users in them.


Sustained Growth

Very simply and without the need of technical knowledge, in a few steps you can create content for a Subject of Interest or for your own community. You can invite your friends and acquaintances to add content. That will help your space to grow faster and consistently.



As your users increase, brands interest in your space will increase along and, as a result, you will generate more revenue.



Create a communication medium itself, with content organized, created by you and your collaborators, efficiently linked with social networks, without worrying about hosting and other technical issues and the ability to generate income. Sounds interesting, no?. All this and more for a super affordable cost. Try it, the first month is free!

We are at your disposal.

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